Looking for Moderators to join our team.
Requirements Needed:
Most know the 360, you do not have to know everything, but enough to help other members
Can spare 30mins a day to work on the site, looking for dead links, rule violations and such
Must be member here for atleast 1 year
Must be patient and relaxed, not getting into arguments

What you get in return:

Not much really, its more of a helping the scene grow position
You will get Ads disabled
You will get access to other sections that only staff can see
I will train you personally, so my friendship and respect

No experience required, I can train you here through our chat or via Skype that I will always be available on.
Everyone starts out at the low level and then promoted based on work ethics and help

I would like to get a full staff trained, the One could be hacked anytime and I want to be ready
Right now this site doesnt require much work, but i will create work to train you with
We have great members here and very long time members, so this is a pretty easy starting site

Please pm me if your interested. Give me a small paragraph on why I should consider you
I do not need your post count or any other info, i can see that already and not too lazy to look

One thing though, if you have been a troublesome member and recieved infrations in the last year, i will not consider you

All that said, I am happy to be looking for new Mods, So come and join our great team and help our great community!
Thank you all!!!